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About Us
Ansata Computer Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a 27 year old company, managing regional distribution for industry leading media technology manufacturers.

Some of our principal brands have won accolades in technical excellence for their products and technologies such as OSCAR, Grammy, Emmy, TEC and other valuable industry recognition. The main brands we represent are Avid, RME, Barefoot Sound, Automated Process Inc,, JDK Audio, Shadow Hills Industries, Inward connection, d&b audiotechnik, Waves and VSSP.

In addition to distributing leading Pro-audio, Pro-Sound and Media security brands, Ansata is recognised for providing cutting-edge consultation in Music production, Film and TV Post Production, Live sound Touring, fixed Installation and in Media security.

We are known for our prompt Service delivery to our customers in the region and our focus in Education.
"Deliver world renowned Media technology solutions and to provide best service to our customers."
"To help you connect with your audience in a most powerful way and to accurately transfer your passion."

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