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About Us
Ansata Computer Systems Private Limited is dedicated towards providing quality technology product distribution in India. The company has two main domains - Digital Audio and IT Solutions products, and has also diversified into the field of Media Production Technology education.

Founded in February 1989, over the years, the company has grown not only in number and location, but also has won several product partnerships in India and globally. Today, the company has a growing team of professionals, dispersed geographically across India and headquartered in Bangalore.

Our range of IT solutions include printing solutions and data security. Our Data Security suppliers include VS Security Products (formerly Verity Systems Ltd), Erase-O-Matic and CPR Tools.

Our Digital Audio line includes the whole spectrum of digital audio products from AVID, VENUE, Digidesign, Waves, McDSP and Sonnox Oxford Plug-ins.

We have also set up the Indian School for Media Studies (ISFMS), which is the first and only Avid's Authorized Training Center in India, which offers professionals and aspiring professionals alike the opportunity to gain expertise and certification in using Avid's Pro Toolsâ„¢ - www.protoolstraining.in
Leslie J Lean
Founder & Managing Director

Rani Lean

Basil Lean
"Dedicated towards providing the best service to our customers and partners"
"To achieve our goals and grow our business in an environment of honesty and courteousness towards all the partners we engage with."

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