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ProTools Certification
ProToolsTraining.in (a division of the Indian School for Media Studies) is the first AVID Authorized Training Center in India located in Bangalore. ProToolsTraining.in opened its doors in July 2008, offering professionals and aspiring professionals alike the opportunity to gain expertise and certification in using AVID Pro Tools™ - the most widely supported audio technology in the industry.

Through the courses offered by the Indian School for Media Studies, you'll learn all about digital recording and music production, and spend hours of hands-on school time using one of the industry's most powerful digital audio systems, as you hone your engineering and creative skills. With Pro Tools at your command, and the knowledge to use skillfully, you will have the power to create, and take your creations to the highest level!

For more details on the topics covered and upcoming sessions - visit: www.media-school.in or mail us: getinfo@media-school.in

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