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PCI System
Apogee Electronics Corporation is a leading manufacturer of digital audio hardware systems and related accessories for audio professionals and musicians around the world.
Apogee was founded in 1985 and initially made its name designing filters that solved many of the early problems associated with digital audio. Later, Apogee’s complete conversion systems pushed the envelope of digital audio quality and established Apogee as a key innovator in the field of professional digital audio.
Today, Apogee converters and audio interfaces are regarded as the reference standard in the audio industry. Products such as the Rosetta Series and X-Series converters, Big Ben, the Symphony System, Ensemble and Duet all have become the benchmark by which digital audio conversion is judged. Now with new additions ONE and GiO, Apogee has continued to be at the forefront of digital audio delivering incredible quality, innovative design and amazing affordability.
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