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VENUE Certification
Avid VENUE Live Sound Certification is a tangible, industry-recognized credential that can help you advance your career and provide measurable benefits, improving your productivity and project success. VENUE certification clearly demonstrates to the live sound industry that you know how to make the most from the widest array of TDM processing in the industry.

The Indian School for Media Studies offers Certification from Avid - 110V and 210V.

- A Certified VENUE Operator credential provides immediate industry recognition of proven expertise. By holding a VENUE Operator's Certification, you demonstrate that you have a deep and clear understanding of the widest array of TDM processing in the industry.
- Understand expanded VENUE systems - how to install option cards in Mix Rack, make VENUE connections, mix engine configurations, and install mix engine cards
- Operate input section controls, leverage control surface techniques to reset channels and parameters, and use ECx for remote control of VENUE
- Leverage advanced built-in and TDM processing concepts including advanced plug-in management
- Work with advanced mixing concepts including advanced group options, how to work with Simple and Expert modes and how to use VCAs
- Operate VENUE's monitor mixing options; including set up and work with Personal Q (PQ) systems
- Have advanced working knowledge and the ability to leverage the power of Snapshots and Events
- Additionally, with your approval, you will appear in Avid's online Certification Directory as a Certified Live Sound Professional.

For more details on the topics covered and upcoming sessions - visit: www.media-school.in or mail us: getinfo@media-school.in

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