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sE Munro Monitors
sE Electronics
sE Electronics has built itself a solid reputation over the last decade by producing quality microphones at very attractive prices. sE Electronics has drawn upon all this design and manufacturing experience to offer up something for those who want to achieve excellent vocal recording results on a very tight budget.
sE’s commitment to our end users is that we build the very best, hand crafted, product that we are able to at each price point and work on much lower... | Learn more
Rupert Neve of Rupert Neve Designs: "Recent developments in the way that humans perceive sound are demanding significant advances both in performance and the philosophy of audio processing. That which... | Learn more
World's first in-depth sE Munro Egg Monitor Review is published by Audio Media The sE Egg speaker won "Best In Show" at AES from Pro Audio Review... | Learn more
The sE Reflexion Filter is the original portable vocal booth and reflection filter. The sE Reflexion Filter Pro, Project Studio Reflexion Filter and Instrument Reflexion Filter all use our patented... | Learn more

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