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Waves is one of the world's leading developer and supplier of software-based audio signal processing tools, while expanding to meet the demand for Waves processing in hardware-based products. Waves current product line has increased to over 60 processors that have been embraced by the audio industry in music production, film, post, and broadcast. In fact, the name Waves itself has become synonymous with top-of-the -line audio processing, and the company's products are used where superior quality is a pre-requisite: hit records, major motion pictures, and top-selling games worldwide.
For excellent audio processing power that is also easy on the wallet, go with the various plug-in bundles. There are bundles for each studio, session, budget or just for that... | Learn more
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Covering all aspects of audio production from Mixing, Mastering and Broadcast through cutting edge psycho-acoustics research. Get deeper bass, louder perceived signal levels, greater depth and punch in your sound... | Learn more
Sound.org is an independent publishing company created by the founders of Waves, the world’s leading developer and supplier of professional audio software. We publish and distribute books, video, and new... | Learn more

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