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URS Classic Console Strip Pro
The URS Classic Console Strip Pro is a revolutionary new way of combining classic sounds into one unified channel strip.This modern concept allows the engineer to create hundreds of custom console starting points from the almost never ending palette of input stages,compressor/limiter and EQ choices all with near zero latency and full 48 bit Double Precision Processing. Listen to what we believe is the most versatile and best sounding classic console strip that was never made before!
- 30 Selectable Input Stage Algorithms
- 60 Selectable Channel Compressor/ Limiter starting points - Pre or Post EQ
- 5 Selectable EQ Algorithms for each Fully Sweepable Parametric band
- Channel Filters - Pre or Post Compressor or Sidechainable
- Seven Auto Release Algorithms
- Powerful De-esser and other included special effects
- Interactive Signal Flow Display Section follows the signal path
- Super DSP efficient URS Classic Console Strip version included

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