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Mix 51 Surround Panning And Surround Mixing For Pro Tools LE M-Powered
Surround Mixing
The Mix 51 Surround Mixer plug-in is the heart of the Mix 51 system. It provides three independent 5.1 busses so you can manage submixes such as dialog, music, and FX. It also provides three independent quad effect send busses that make it easy to set up surround reverb and effects. Each bus features fully automatable volume, mute, and solo controls for flexible monitoring and mixing. All bus outputs appear as inputs on Pro Tools tracks to process and mix the busses with Pro Tools plug-ins and Pro Tools mix automation. Now you can create a professional surround mix for film, television, and music projects all within Pro Tools LE and M-Powered.

Surround Panning
Unlimited Mix 51 Surround Panner plug-ins can be inserted on mono and stereo tracks to pan and mix to the Mixer plug-in busses. Each panner can mix to one 5.1 buss and to one quad effect send bus. Each panner has its own volume, mute, solo, and send controls so you can create a professional, automated mix using the Pro Tools automation system. The panner features X and Y position controls, a center % control, and LFE level control. Each panner also features a quad-channel effect send that follows the main pan control for easy-to-set-up surround reverb and effects panning.

Surround Mixer
The Mix 51 Surround Mixer goes on any track (only one is needed), and provides outputs for all of the 5.1 mix buses and quad send buses via "auxiliary output stems". These outputs show up as inputs on other aux tracks where they can be brought back into the Pro Tools mixer. For example, three stereo aux tracks can bring in the L-R, Ls-Rs, and C-LFE pairs of a Mix 51 bus where they can be further processed with other plug-ins or simply routed to six outputs of your Pro Tools interface. Additional stereo aux tracks can be used to bring in the Mix 51 send buses, where you can add reverbs/delays or other plug-ins as part of the send bus mix.

Surround Panner
Insert the Mix 51 Surround Panner on any track to route it into any one of the three 5.1 buses. Use the X/Y panner or pan sliders to perform fully automatable panning moves. Also send the track to any of three send quad send buses (pre or post-fader) for setting up a surround reverb for instance. The Surround Panner plug-in doesn't pass the signal along to the main Pro Tools mixer input by default - but hit "bypass" and you can do a simultaneous stereo mix along with your 5.1 mix.

Pro Tools Integration
Mix 51 is designed to smoothly integrate into Pro Tools LE by providing surround bus outputs that conveniently appear as Pro Tools track inputs. These inputs are grouped as stereo-paired front, rear, and C/LFE stems and are also available as mono inputs. Simply create three stereo auxiliary tracks, set their inputs, group them, and you have a pseudo 5.1 bus that you can EQ, compress, limit, and otherwise process with all your stereo plug-ins.
- Mono or Stereo Surround Panners can be inserted on an unlimited number of tracks
- Fully automatable panning/volume/send level/mute/solo
- Front, Rear, and Front/Rear Divergence controls
- Center percent adjustment
- Pre or post-fader send level
- Separate LFE level control
- Input and Output metering
- Three 5.1 mix buses and three quad send buses with unlimited inputs
- Fully automatable volume/mute/solo
- All outputs for each bus are available on aux track inputs for bringing in to the Pro Tools mixer for the final 5.1 mix
- Optimized CPU usage (only mixing performed on buses being used)
- Compatible with Pro Tools HD as well as LE/M-Powered
- Pro Tools RTAS plug-ins - 5.1 Panner (mono, stereo), LFE Send (mono), Surround Mixer (mono, stereo)
- Sample Rates - 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192 kHz
- Panning - X/Y pan controls, equal power sine-squared taper
- DIvergence - 0% - 100% for front, rear, and front-rear
- Volume - -inf to +12 dB gain
- Busses - Three 5.1 main busses, three quad effect send busses
System Requirements
- Digidesign approved Pro Tools LE/M-Powered or HD system running Pro Tools 7.0 or higher on Mac OS X or Windows XP
- Pro Tools I/O interface with six or more outputs such as Mbox 2 Pro, 002, 003, or M-Audio interfaces such as the Delta 1010 or FireWire 410
- iLok USB Smart Key and internet access

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