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Sound Code for DTS
Tight integration within the Pro Tools Environment , Faster than real time encoding and decoding, Real time DTS file decoding synchronized to Pro Tools video 96/24 mode supports 96 KHz audio for up to 5.1 channels, 6.1 ES Discrete mode supports a rear center channel at 48 KHz sample rate.

- Fast - Faster-than-real-time AudioSuite encoding
- DTS Surround - High-quality DTS 5.1 Digital Surround encoding
- 96/24 - Super-high-quality 96 kHz / 24-bit mode for stereo or 5.1
- DTS-CD - 44.1 kHz surround CD ref disks for home theater playback
- 6.1 ES Discrete - The best localization and spatialization with 6.1 ES Discrete mode for rear-center channel encoding
- Input Channel Order - Selectable input channel order lets you order your channels as Film, SMPTE, or DTS
- Pro Tools LE/M-Powered - Use Pro Tools LE/M-Powered to implement low-cost encoding workstations (learn more)
- Punch In/Out - Save time when re-encoding with Punch In/Out


- Sample Accurate Direct File Decode - Point to a DTS file and press play for sample-accurate sync (learn more)
- Synchronization - Decode synchronized to Pro Tools timeline and video
- Legacy Monitor - Legacy control to monitor 96/24 and ES streams as 5.1, 48 kHz
- Bitstream Out - Pass bitstream out to use an external consumer decoder
- Metadata - Extensive metadata display
- Metering - Output level metering
- DVD Player In - Decode live bitstream input from external DVD player
- Pro Tools LE/M-Powered - Use Pro Tools LE/M-Powered for low-cost surround decoding.

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