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Based on the M-Audio® preamplifier technology that won Pro Audio Review’s highest accolades, the DMP3 preamp is designed to provide a premium front end for today’s high-resolution digital recording systems. It features an amazing 20Hz to 80kHz frequency response, 67dB of gain and an exceptional dynamic range to capture all the nuances of your music. With pristine sound quality and a compact, rugged chassis, DMP3 has become the top choice of numerous audio professionals and a fixture in studios around the world. Whether you use it for performance or production, the DMP3 two-channel microphone/instrument preamp is destined to be integral in defining your sound.
- 2-channel mic/instrument preamp
- XLR mic ins; 1/4” instrument ins; balanced 1/4” outs
- high 67dB available gain
- 48V phantom power
- 20Hz to 80kHz frequency response
- All specs taken at minimum gain unless otherwise stated:
- frequency response: 20Hz – 80kHz, +/-0.5dB @ max gain
- SNR: -120dB, A-weighted, 20Hz to 20kHz
- THD+N: 0.00035% (-109dB), 20Hz to 20kHz, @ +13.6dBu input
- max input: +14.6dBu
- max output: +27.5dBu
- input impedance: 3k Ohms balanced
- EIN: -128dBm @ 600 Ohms, max gain
- gain range: 13.5dB to 46.5dB, low gain range
39.5dB to 67.5dB, high gain range
- low-cut filter: -3dB @ 72Hz (18dB/Octave)

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