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Studiophile CX5
The Studiophile® CX5 near-field studio monitor extends M-Audio’s 20-year legacy of engineering advanced music creation solutions. Designed by our dedicated team of monitor engineers, the CX line combines proprietary driver designs, custom waveguides, seamless crossover integration and advanced Acoustic Space controls. The result is a best-in-class monitor series with excellent off-axis response, minimal distortion, an expansive soundstage and the flexibility to adapt to any production space. The Studiophile CX5 monitor brings exceptionally accurate monitoring to any acoustic environment—establishing a new benchmark in its category.
- exceptional design integration > well-balanced sound with superior detail
- Acoustic Space controls > optimize frequency response for your room
- OptImage IV high-performance wave-guide > expanded, layered soundstage with large sweet spot
- 5-inch, Kevlar, low-frequency driver > full, tight bass
- 1.25-inch, silk-domed, high-frequency driver > clear highs
- 90 watts of dispersed power > extra headroom, minimal distortion
- ultra-solid, internally braced cabinet > low transmission loss
- frequency response: 50Hz to 30kHz (+/- 3dB) (0 degrees, on tweeter axis)
low-frequency response: -10dB at 40Hz
low-frequency response: -3dB at 45Hz
high-frequency response: -3dB at 30kHz on tweeter axis

- off-axis linear frequency response: spatially averaged +/-15º vertically, +/-30º horizontally

- rear-panel trim controls: high-frequency trim: +2dB, 0dB, -2dB above 3kHz
mid-frequency boost in/out: 2dB centered at 2kHz with a low Q bandwidth
low-frequency cutoff: flat, 80Hz and 100Hz
acoustic space: 0dB, -2dB and -4dB above 200Hz
- crossover frequency: 2600Hz
- dimensions: 12” x 7.5” x 9”
- weight: 19 lbs

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