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Producer Factory Pro Bundle
Enhance, fix, improve, embellish, and polish your Pro Tools LE® or Pro Tools M-Powered™ mixes like a pro with the Producer Factory™ Pro bundle. This powerful, professional collection of 17 Digidesign®/Bomb Factory®/Trillium Lane Labs® effects plug-ins is worth over $3,550 if purchased individually, but you can get them all for just a fraction of the cost with this special bundle. Add warmth and punch to your mix, fix drum tracks with ease, create unique and edgy sounds, give instruments subtle or radical texture, and more. Save money—and your mixes—while exploring your creative side.
- includes 17 world-class RTAS plug-ins
- designed for Pro Tools LE and M-Powered
- compatible with Macintosh OS X, Windows Vista- (32-bit Business or Ultimate) and Windows XP
System Requirements
Minimum (PC)
- Windows Vista- (32-bit Business or Ultimate),Windows Vista SP2 (32Bit , 64 Bit) Win7 (32Bit , 64 Bit) or Windows XP
- Pro Tools system running Pro Tools 7.3 or higher software

Minimum (Mac)
- Mac OS X-based Pro Tools system running Pro Tools 7.3 or higher software

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