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Today, the MaxxBCL is turning up everywhere.

Digital Processing unit, for Live Sound, Recording and Broadcast applications, includes The Renaissance Compressor, MaxxBass and L2.

Live Sound
MaxxBCL is Waves premier Live Sound tool. Its combination of world-class bass enhancement, compression and limiting, plus its rugged construction make it the ideal hardware solution for live venues of all shapes and sizes. Today, many of the biggest names in show business are using MaxxBCL ncluding Ratt Sounds, Gwen Stefani, Cirque de Soleil, and Metallica, to name just a few.

Every radio and television station wants the loudest, best-sounding signal possible. As a broadcaster, you need to serve a variety of different systems, from headphones and computer speakers to televisions and car stereos. It isn't always easy.
Traditional bass boosts cut into your dynamic range since bass peaks require extra headroom. And everyday compression and limiting methods add unwanted artifacts to your signal.

Mastering & Post Production
You won't find ears more discriminating than those of the Mixing engineers in the mastering and post-production environment. They require the cleanest signal path and most accurate sound quality to give every project the finishing touch of power and perfection. They are the last stop before music goes public, and it has to sound right.

But that's only half the story: They also need first-rate processing tools to create that broadcast ready sound that listeners expect and clients demand.

With MaxxBCL, they get it all.

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