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MaxxBass 102
When it comes to movies, music, and video games, you need big bass. Bass carries the emotional impact. Bass brings the excitement. Bass rocks the house.

Bigger Sound from Home Audio
Until now, delivering really deep bass response to the 30Hz range has not been possible for mainstream consumer electronics. The cost, size, and weight of the acoustic system was just too great.

Today there's a solution. The MaxxBass 102 is an easy-to-use hardware unit which can be integrated in both new and existing sound systems. Cost-effective and space-saving, MaxxBass 102 enables active home theater subwoofers to deliver the kind of bass which previously required a huge driver and subwoofer enclosure.

With stereo analog inputs and outputs, as well as controls for input level, frequency and intensity, MaxxBass 102 lets you tune your system for optimum bass performance for a wide range of speaker types. Add MaxxBass 102 to your home theater and feel the bass.

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