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Broadcast Production
From major television networks to Hollywood soundstages, Broadcast & Production is the collection audio professionals turn to when they want to give their projects the finishing touches of power and perfection. With 18 state-of-the-art tools for audio restoration, mixing, mastering, and more, B&P gives you everything you need to take it to the airwaves.

Z-Noise is included with new purchases of B&P only.
Current B&P owners with Waves Update Plan coverage, and users upgrading to B&P.
- L2 Ultramaximizer
- Linear Phase Equalizer
- Linear Phase Multibande
- Doubler
- IR-L
- Renaissance Axx
- Renaissance Bass
- Renaissance Channel
- Renaissance Compressor
- Renaissance DeEsser
- Renaissance Equalizer
- Renaissance Reverb
- Renaissance Vox
- X-Click
- X-Crackle
- X-Hum
- X-Noise
- WavesTuneLT
- S1
- MV2
- Z-Noise

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