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Dorrough Meters
The Waves Dorrough Meter Collection's Surround Edition includes the Waves Dorrough stereo meters with all their advanced display features and functions, plus customized meters engineered especially for Surround production environments. Developed in association with Dorrough Electronics, Waves Dorrough Meters display both average and peak levels and in a single readout, making them the only meters which actually let you see the density of your sound.
- M360º Surround Mixdown
- S360º Surround Panner
- R360º Surround Reverb
- M360º Surround Manager
- LFE360º Low Pass Filter
- C360º Surround Compressor
- IDR60º Re-quantizer
- IDR360º Bit Re-quantizer
- L360º Surround Limiter
- MV360º Surround Dynamics Processor
- UM225 / UM226

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