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Speaker and Enviroment Emulation Plug-in with Hundreds of Presets, Effects, Real-world Sound and Appliance Samples, and Classic Guitar Amp Sounds The AudioEase Speakerphone speaker and environment emulator plug-in lets you call up sounds ranging from bullhorns to vintage amps, walkie-talkies to crackly telephones. You can select from a huge selection of environments, effects, and samples to put some real-world grit and vibe into your recordings. Add dial tones, static, distortion, convolution reverb, and many more textures via hundreds of presets and comprehensive controls. Not simply a great speaker-emulation plug-in, Speakerphone excels in putting your track inside of realistic environments.
- Authentic environments
- Add some ambience
- Easy operation, complete control
- Classic amp sounds
- Hundreds of presets
- Compression, distortion, tremolo, delay, EQ, and dynamics controls
- Convolution engine using samples of speakers and real-world appliances and sounds
- Classic amp sounds with distortion and reverb effects
- Mac OSX: RTAS, Audio Units, VST, MAS
- Windows: RTAS, VST

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