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Snapper works with your Mac like a dream! Whenever you select any of your audio files in the Mac Finder, Snapper appears immediately right beneath that window, showing you the wave form and giving you a host of options right then and there. You can quickly preview the file, upload it to your Pro Tools session, or convert it to another file format as easily as dragging-and-dropping. Opening over 50 sound file formats, Snapper will quickly become your go-to solution for audio previewing and file conversions - it's so useful you'll hardly remember what your Mac was like without it. Call your Sweetwater Sales Engineer today to take home Audio Ease's latest gem, Snapper.
- Works seamlessly with Mac OS X 10.4 and higher
- Opens over 50 sound file formats, including compressed files, split stereo, 192 kHz, 5.1 surround files, red book audio, cds and movies containing audio
- Shows loops, markers, timestamps, regions, BWF annotations, even album covers
- Follows your Finder selection and snaps to the bottom fo your Finder window
- Can spot files or selections of files directly to your Pro Tools cursor or into the Pro Tools region bin (Pro Tools 6 or higher)
- Can export to AIFF, WAV, BWF, mp3 or m4a
- Can split stereo files into .L and .R files and turn .L and .R files into one stereo file
- Can attach to a new e-mail immediately
- Can preview files automaticaly, by hitting the space bar, or by double-clicking the wave form
- Vari-speed preview is also available

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