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Award winning BarbaBatch is THE batch soundfile conversion application for the Apple Macintosh. It is mainly aimed at the production of audio for multi media. With it you can easily manipulate large amounts of soundfiles. You can play and perform file format changes between 30+ file types, apply dynamic compression, gating, samplerate conversion and wordlength reduction. BarbaBatch is scriptable, converts Audio CD Tracks from the CD-ROM drive, can run smoothly in the background and much more, all in a manner that ensures BarbaBatch's striking, much acclaimed sound quality Its unrivaled samplerate conversion algorithm, its support for high end files like BWF, Sonic Solutions and 32 bit float files, its 192kHz sampling rate support and Redbook CD image extraction has made it popular among mastering engineers. A Wide range of telephony formats together with dynamic compression and samplerate conversion that make low quality audio sound not as low as you'd expect, has made it exell in telephony audio. Smooth and fast batch capabilities and extensive logging, allowing tens of thousands of files to be converted to multiple output formats in one run make it the production choice for 6 out of 10 top selling computer games. Automated CD ripping of faded snippets to many streaming sound formats make it ideal for delivery of web based audio.

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