Introducing Pro Tools | MTRX Studio

With the continued evolution of digital audio, artists, producers, editors, and creators are enabled to do more than ever.  With this freedom and open floodgate come larger sessions and bigger projects.  However, budgets continue to decline, leaving smaller facilities and independent professionals in a bind.  The need for flexible audio routing, utilization of varying audio inputs and outputs, and the ability to efficiently deliver different mix formats, have all become important pieces to consider, keeping the quality of deliverables high, while maintaining shrinking budgets.

Your studio centerpiece

Enter, Pro Tools | MTRX Studio, the latest addition to the MTRX audio interface family.  Created, in partnership with Digital Audio Denmark, Pro Tools | MTRX Studio combines high-quality I/O, extensive routing possibilities, and extensive monitoring capabilities in a single 1U rackspace. It’s your studio centerpiece, ideal for pro music and audio post facilities and studios of all sizes.  Let’s take a quick look at what this small but powerful single 1U rack-mountable unit is capable of.

Connection Is Key

The Pro Tools | MTRX Studio features ample and flexible connectivity.  Whether you’re connecting analogue or digital signals, the Pro Tools | MTRX Studio makes it easy to connect and consolidate all your outboard gear and desired connections.  18 channels of analogue I/O are ready to accept a wide array of instruments, microphones, speakers, processors, and other outboard devices.  Digital connectivity features DigiLink, 64 channels of Dante, and ADAT, making it easy to combine and simplify your signal chain.

Take full monitor control

In addition to all the audio signal connection possibilities, Pro Tools | MTRX Studio utilizes the DADman control software to assist in routing, creating, and recalling monitor profiles. MTRX Studio also delivers SPQ speaker calibration, built directly into the box—something sold separately for the larger MTRX—so users will be able to recall monitor profiles along with speaker tuning settings.

Power You Can Hear, Power You Can Feel

When the first Pro Tools | MTRX launched, it was quickly lauded for the pristine quality of its converters and incredible imaging.  The Pro Tools | MTRX Studio likewise delivers converters and mic pres designed by DAD. And when paired with a Pro Tools | HDX or HD Native system, ultra-low latency allows musicians and voice-over artists to record and capture their performances with complete confidence.

Mix and monitor Dolby Atmos

With its 64 channels of Dante, and 18 channels of analogue I/O, Pro Tools | MTRX Studio is ready to tackle immersive sound for audio post and music.  It can monitor up to 7.1.4 and above and can interface with a Dolby Atmos renderer.  Additionally, the inclusion of SPQ speaker calibration ensures that your monitoring space will provide an accurate listening environment for just about any speaker format.

Enter The MTRX

We’ve just scratched the surface of what Pro Tools | MTRX Studio is capable of.  There’s much more to discover about this amazing new addition to the MTRX family.



Source: AVID Blog

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