Mumbai’s Headroom expands with MTRX Studio

Headroom, the recording and mastering studio in Mumbai run by father-son duo, Aslam and Aftab Khan, has upgraded the facility with Avid’s all-in-one interface, MTRX Studio, which was supplied and delivered during lockdown by Ansata. Avid’s Indian distributor also carried out the remote installation of the MTRX Studio, the first to be installed in the country.

According to Ansata’s product manager Dipanshu Mitra, the decision to install the MTRX Studio was made during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, which effectively closed Mumbai down from late March. The unit was delivered and kept in storage for a month before the government announced a relaxation of lockdown restrictions for businesses in the city. The Khans returned to their studio to sanitise and prepare to get back to work, eager to hear their newly purchased converter.

With support provided by Mitra over a few remote sessions, the unit was installed and configured to the Khans’ preferences. The entire installation was performed online, with Mitra taking remote control of the Headroom workstation, and phone-based guidance given to the customer on how to make connections with their existing Pro Tools HDX and monitoring systems.

“They were thrilled with the audio quality of the device and said that they could very definitively hear all details and nuances in the signal at any listening volume, some of which they hadn’t experienced before while using a flagship converter from another brand,” explained Mitra. “Availability of Dante network audio capabilities on this device means that they can now use the same converter with other DAWs like Cubase and Logic from a separate machine and experience the same uber-fidelity while working on music composition and arrangement projects along with their musician friends and clients. Additionally, through integrated monitoring and room correction features of the MTRX Studio, they don’t need to depend on external third-party devices that may change the sonic signature of their content and affect their decision-making process while mixing.”

Headroom is currently configured for stereo monitoring using Dynaudio monitors; however, a planned upgrade to Dolby Atmos is imminent. Mitra again plans to assist with the upgrade, executing the speaker layout in accordance with Dolby Atmos specifications and tuning the speakers to match the room using the MTRX Studio‘s integrated SPQ speaker processing feature.

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Source: ProAVLAsia 

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