RME releases firmware updates for AVB Series and new online documentation tool

New M-32 Pro features and improvements for AVB Tool & 12Mic

An exciting firmware update (2.0.0) for the M-32 Pro devices increases their AVB channel count from previously 64 (4 streams) to 128 (8 streams), and allows single channel routing across all inputs and outputs.

These features go hand in hand with a new web remote interface and an enhanced JSON API for remote control over any type of network connection. The AVB implementation has been enhanced to be fully compatible to MILAN.

For the 12Mic and AVB Tool, firmware 1.1.2 brings a number of improvements and fixes and is recommended for all users. All firmware updates are available for download on the RME Audio website.

Further details can be found in the included readme files.

We recommend to bookmark the appropriate product pages for the latest updates and downloads.

New online user guides for the AVB Series

The user manuals of these four products and the new M-1610 Pro (now shipping) have been released online in a completely new format. All features are clearly separated into concepts, instructions and references, with extensive search functionality, animations, and user feedback integration. Individual topics can be linked and shared online to provide relevant information at a glance.

Product Website:

Online Manuals:

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