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From concert halls to score creations, from sheet music stores to classrooms, more and more composers, arrangers, publishers, and teachers are using Sibelius rather than other notation software. There is no faster, smarter, and easier way to write music.

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Whether you’re composing for live performance, image, or enjoyment, no tool gives you more power to write music than Sibelius (formerly Sibelius | First, learn more ). The software offers unique features that allow you to stimulate your creativity, improve your sound, and quickly compose beautifully rendered scores.

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Share scores with whoever you want, anywhere

With Sibelius | Cloud Sharing , you can share partitions on your personal cloud space or embed them in a web page and invite anyone to flip through pages and play your compositions from a desktop or mobile computer or from any mobile device.

Optimize your workflow

Sibelius allows composers to connect with each other in a more powerful, efficient and beneficial way. It integrates seamlessly into a production workflow of any multimedia file, including Pro Tools, to easily compose music for an image. In addition, easily distribute scores to music publishers for sale worldwide.

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Sibelius is now available in more different versions than ever, allowing everyone to easily write music. Compose, edit, print and share scores with Sibelius. Work with more advanced notation, arrangement, burning, and layout tools with Sibelius | Ultimate(formerly Sibelius). Or start with Sibelius | First , a new version of Sibelius.

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