Sibelius Network License Server


Increase your students’ access

With the Sibelius License Server, you can install Sibelius on as many computers as you want. When a student wants to use the software, they automatically receive a floating, concurrent network license from the License Server. So, for example, students can finish their work on a computer in the library if the music suite is busy. The License Server software is included free of charge with all network multi-packs.

Easy to set up—easy to use

Sibelius License Server features an easy-to-use control panel interface that non-technical teachers can use. It’s fast and simple to assign licenses, replace computers, upgrade to newer versions of Sibelius, and track licenses.

Experience the freedom of check-out licenses

If students at your institution bring their own laptop computers to school, you can now let them take copies of Sibelius home with them for a limited period of time. This enables them to enjoy all the benefits of Sibelius for the duration of a semester, or over a weekend or the summer vacation—for up to a year.

This type of temporary license is called a check-out license, because students “check it out” of the License Server when they take their personal computers away from the school network, and then “check it back in” when they next connect to the school network once more. The school effectively has one fewer license available until the checked-out license is returned. If a student does not check the license back in, it eventually expires, after which the student cannot run the software on his or her computer until it is reconnected to the school network.

There is no additional charge for using Sibelius’s check-out license feature. What’s more, if you’re currently using a stand-alone, non-networked site license of Sibelius, you can now switch to using a network site license for no additional charge—simply contact our support team for details.

You may even find it useful to purchase additional seats specifically for the purpose of checking out licenses for students, so you could earmark one set of seats for use on the school network, and another for check-out licenses for your student.

Technical information

Sibelius software’s network licenses operate on a client-server model. The Sibelius program itself is installed on the local hard drive of each of the client workstations, and a separate License Server program is installed on a single designated server or workstation.

The License Server program is supplied on the Sibelius installation DVD, and enables the designated number of licensed client copies to run on the network simultaneously. The License Server also lets you send messages to users of the client copies, and close copies down from the server machine.


Sibelius requires a network using the TCP/IP protocol. (Your network may use other protocols in addition to TCP/IP, but TCP/IP must be present in order for the License Server to communicate with the client copies.) The License Server program runs on Windows or Mac OS X.

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