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Worship with the certainty that everyone’s connected.

For decades, d&b systems, in all their various configurations, have helped houses of worship achieve a closer, more engaging experience for their congregation. Working in collaboration, to harness the strength in expertise, enthusiasm, and good stewardship.

d&b, together with its partners, has homes in more than eighty countries; dedicated teams on hand to help with technical materials, design support, and training, or to listen to (and learn from) any opinions or concerns. To be there as and when required, or as part of the project team – from the first conversation to commissioning.

Every house of worship is unique so it follows that no two loudspeaker systems will be the same. Below are just some of the products most frequently used. The full toolkit, including amplifiers, software, processing and matrix, can be found below.

Select Worship Installations

Column loudspeakers

The xC-Series columns offer traditional houses of worship all the benefits of today’s technology, with the utmost respect for historic buildings and their complexities.

Line arrays

These systems may be a favorite among touring productions, but their installation specific counterparts make them every bit as suited to permanent worship spaces.

Point sources

From the size of a postcard, to a line array alternative, these thoughtfully scaled systems are lightweight and compact, with a wide range of rigging options for maximum flexibility, Monday to Sunday.

The d&b R1 Remote control software allows me to make subtle adjustments quickly and easily. It’s not so much a case of being as loud as possible, it’s all about being flexible, and as loud as is appropriate.

James McBrien, Sound Overseer, Trent Vineyard, Nottingham, UK

If there’s one thing a church must get right, it’s design and speaker choice. Balancing all this alongside the cost and stewardship have led us to link arms with our comrades at d&b.

MxU, 2018 one day events

Now we have no echoes and already are getting rave reviews from our congregation. The speech intelligibility is much, much better, and for classical music reproduction the sound is much crisper.

Darvin Darling, Resident Director of IT and Technical Services, Riverside Church, New York City, NY, USA

We plan to host more concerts and conferences in the future and one of the added bonuses of choosing a d&b system is that it is so well known and trusted in the touring industry.

Rich Mace, Technical Services Director, First Baptist Church, Sevierville, TN, USA

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