Finance Series

The d&b Finance-Series assists in the purchase of d&b systems by businesses and other organisations to further the development and realization of their visions. Once the equipment is defined to achieve these objectives, the subsequent process is how best to integrate their finance into the plans. The Finance-Series is exclusively designed to support this endeavour. Agreements have competitive interest rates and can cover a wide range of values and periods, dependent on country specific rules. The Finance-Series comes as another part of the d&b System reality and is offered in a selection of countries by the d&b audiotechnik Distribution using relevant languages and currencies.


The d&b audiotechnik Finance-Series is a purchase contract with an agreement for payment in instalments. Coupling variable finance values with periods that can be individually selected at the outset, results in a concise flexible scheme that can be customized to individual requirements.

Two contracts are available, F1006 for periods between six and twenty four months and F1025 for periods of twenty five months and over. When a contract is established a competitive interest rate is set for the full term, allowing the calculation of affordable monthly payments during the period. A prepayment of 20% or more of the total purchase price is required and there is an option for partial or total repayment at any time during the finance period, subject to an early repayment fee. There are no other charges either at the beginning or end of the contract, nor are there additional costs for credit checks and credit insurance.

From the start, the equipment covered by a Finance-Series agreement is an asset of the company making the purchase. This means an investment into a new d&b loudspeaker system improves fixed assets and provides additional income, which from the bank’s point of view are real benefits. Interest incurred by the instalment agreement, as well as depreciation, can usually be offset to reduce tax liabilities. Furthermore, as the Finance-Series uses the equipment as the security for the asset purchase it does not compromise financial status; using it to integrate a purchase does not diminish short term liquidity or lines of credit.


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