About Spottune

Denmark is for a century known for its audio history of awesome products and acoustic competences. The Danish audio company Spottune was founded in 2018 by Søren Louis Pedersen and Christian Poulsen whom together have been pioneers within new Audio products.

The concept behind Spottune is to build a broad-cast wireless smart-speaker audio system that suits any building and is set up within minutes for existing lighting tracks. We aimed to create something that is easier to use but at the same time take the customer through a better experience.


360-degree sound

Spottune has a unique OmniExperience™️ technology that provides outstanding sound quality. The omnidirectional feature allows the speaker to deliver balanced audio frequencies throughout the room, providing consistent sound even at low volumes. One speaker can cover an area of 75 square meters, ensuring that every customer receives an equally pleasant audio experience regardless of their position in the room.


  • Wireless broadcasting system
  • Central-control cloud platform
  • All speakers can be adjusted individually
  • Different music can be played at difference areas

Spottune’s wireless broadcasting system guarantees omnidirectional, stable sound quality with no interference even at low volumes. The centralized, cloud-based control platform allows for complete overview and easy management of the entire system. This enables users to centrally control several devices and thus provide a consistent experience across all locations.

Spottune Cloud

A cloud-based solution to create the ultimate visitor experience

Spottune Cloud Service is based on the newest technologies and enables worldwide control and is an effortless solution that allows you to have full control, whether you have a single store or multiple stores across various locations. You can control everything from one central platform, making it super flexible and user-friendly. As a result, you have full control with just a few clicks. It is a software that you can use regardless of where you are, and you can manage and synchronize music at your location in just a few clicks on your phone, computer, tablet –whatever suits you best!


Installation anyone can figure out

We take pride in the efficient and user-friendly installation process, exemplified by Omni Track’s seamless integration with track lighting systems. You find track lighting systems in many stores. Due to this, you can plug in the Omni Track, which connects to the Stream, our music transmitter, and you are ready to play music. The click system further eliminates the need for an electrician to handle cable and plug installations. In addition to the Omni Track, we offer options such as an Omni speaker with a cord and an in-ceiling installation.

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