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A Hard Drive Degausser World Leader, Total Data Erasure and Hard Drive Destruction. Industry-leading degaussers to wipe hard drives, tape, and the destruction of SSD.

Why Use Hard Drive Degaussers?

Hard drives are robust storage mediums. Nowadays, anyone can send a drive to a data recovery company to retrieve the vast majority of ‘deleted’ data. Furthermore many manufacturers are now engineering hard drives to include data retrieval processes.

To remove data from a hard drive to the point where the previous data is entirely unrecoverable, only by degaussing a hard drive will it be sufficient. Degaussers erase data by randomizing the magnetic charge of a hard drive using a powerful magnetic field. This field completely destroys any resemblance of previously recorded data.

Degaussing is a permanent method of data erasure, and the most widely recognized high-security method of disposal. You cannot use a hard drive after it’s been degaussed. This is because degaussing will also destroy the start-up program hard-coded into the hard drive, known as firmware. For more information, see our introduction to degaussers.

Why VS Security Products?

With over 30 years’ experience designing and manufacturing degaussers, VS Security Products has built a trusted reputation worldwide as the market leader for data destruction and erasure technology.

Our customers range from security agencies and defense organizations to universities, hospitals, and computer departments. We provide the widest range of data erasure machines available, all of which are manufactured, serviced, and tested in our factory.

All VS Security Product’s degaussers and destroyers are sold with a back to base warranty of 1-2 years. See specific product page for details. Some of our products include an optional 5 year extended warranty.

We are the official distributor of VSSP products in India.

Ansata Computer Systems Pvt. Ltd., is a 32-year-old company that provides data security through its Hard disk sanitization hardware using Degaussers & Destroyer. We are the prominent supplier of these products in India to various sectors like IT/ITes, BFSI, Electronic Waste Management companies, MNC’s, Corporates, Health Care, and Government / Defense.

Why ANSATA for your requirement?

‣ Over 15 years of experience in Media Security Solutions
‣ More than 450 installations in India
‣ PAN India Service Network
‣ Experienced engineers to handle service
‣ Warranty Extendable on request
‣ AMC available.

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