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  • 4660 Heavy Duty Omnidirectional Microphone, Normal SPL

    DPA 4661 Heavy Duty Omnidirectional Microphone, Loud SPL


    The d:screet™ 4661 Heavy Duty can handle SPL 144 dB peak before clipping, making it one of the best miniatures for use on  very loud and powerful instruments like snare drums, guitar, bass, speaker cabinets or other high-SPL sound sources. The heavy-duty cable relief and a thicker cable works well in live environments, which can sometimes be rough.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹3,858/month
  • 4660 Heavy Duty Omnidirectional Microphone, Normal SPL

    DPA 4660 Heavy Duty Omnidirectional Microphone, Normal SPL


    A very flexible and durable miniature microphone, the d:screet™ 4660 Heavy Duty exhibits an exceptionally accurate omnidirectional pattern and therefore does not need to be aimed directly at the sound source to achieve quality pickup. It is especially suited for capturing speech in all of its nuances and can be used for very high-end ambient recordings where space is limited or the microphone needs to be hidden.. This microphone handles sound pressure levels up to 134 dB before clipping occurs.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹3,858/month
  • Cable Relief Bend, 5 pcs.


    Use the DMM0520 Cable Relief Bend at the belt pack end of the cable to make the cable and cable relief junction more compact.
    This also extends cable lifetime by protecting the spot from repeated wear in the same place. Please note that the cable relief bend only works with the long 36 mm (1.4 in) cable relief.

    The DMM0520 Cable Relief Bend comes in either black or beige. Sold as a set of five pcs.

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  • Headset Clip and Strain Relief


    Cable and strain relief for use with the d:fine™ Headset Microphones.

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  • DPA CORE 6061 Subminiature Microphone, Loud SPL

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹4,424/month

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹3,594/month
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  • Miniature Foam Windscreen

    Foam Windscreens for cylindrical-head d:fine™ Headset Microphones.

    Sold as a set of five pcs.

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    No Cost EMI starts at ₹3,922/month
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  • DPA 4066 Omni Miniature Mic Boom

    The MMB4066 Miniature Microphone Boom is for use with AHM60 Adjustable Headset Mount. Combined, the boom and mount comprise the headband parts of a d:fine™ 4066 Headset Microphone.


    No Cost EMI starts at ₹3,827/month
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    Order numbers: MMBD88B100, MMBD88B120, MMBD88C100, MMBD88C120, MMBD88F100, MMBD88F120.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹3,922/month
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  • DPA Miniature Grid, Soft Boost


    Miniature Grid, Soft Boost for d:screet™ Miniature and d:fine™ Headset Microphones. Available in beige, brown, white and black.

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  • 4266 Flex Omnidirectional Earset Microphone


    The d:fine™ 4266 Omnidirectional Headset Microphone combines the legendary sound of the d:fine™ 4066 Omnidirectional Capsule with a lightweight and flexible headset system. This condenser mic is easy and fast to adjust and it offers clean and transparent sound quality with lots of headroom. The capsule itself is the same type as the d:fine™ 4066, but is attached to an interchangeable boom arm.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹5,144/month
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  • 4088 Directional Headset Microphone


    The classic d:fine™ 4088 Directional Headset Microphone is the industry standard in professional headset mics. It offers an open and natural sound making it ideal for both spoken word and vocal performance applications.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹5,865/month
  • Microphone Cable for Earhook Slide

    Microphone cables for the d:fine™ Headset Microphone Series.

    They are available in black, beige or brown with these connectors: MicroDot, 3-pin Lemo, TA4F mini XLR and Mini-jack.

  • In-Ear Broadcast Headset Microphone


    The d:fine™ In-Ear Broadcast Headset Microphones series is the first broadcast solution that gives you uncompromising mic performance and convenient in-ear communication.

    No more fiddling with two parallel systems – one for the mic and one for the in-ear communication. This unique line of mics was developed specifically for broadcast professionals who insist on superior voice reproduction but also appreciate ease of use and outstanding comfort. The d:fine™ In-Ear Broadcast Headset Microphones series is available in both omnidirectional and directional variants.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹6,533/month
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  • 4066 Omnidirectional Headset Microphone


    The legacy d:fine™ 4066 has always been, and still is, one of the most clear, consistent and robust miniature microphones you can find on the market. It’s known for working across a wide dynamic range as well as exhibiting low distortion across all SPLs. If you need to squeeze a little more performance out of your mics, choose CORE. The d:fine™ CORE 4066 gets a 14 dB increase in dynamic range and from a whisper to a scream reduces the general distortion:

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹5,453/month