d&b audiotechnik introduces control simplicity with the d&b R90 Touchscreen remote control.

d&b audiotechnik introduces control simplicity with the d&b R90 Touchscreen remote control

At Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2019 d&b introduces the R90 Touchscreen remote control. The product expands the d&b Workflow in dedicated permanently installed applications where adjustments to a d&b audio system must be performed by staff with limited technical knowledge.

Simplifying the general operation of a d&b system, the 7” panel PC grants any user one-touch control of predefined functions – power, mute, level, grouping and recall of up to nine AmpPresets.

All control functions in R90 work independently of the d&b R1 Remote control software, eliminating the possibility of accidentally altering any of the carefully balanced system settings.

“An installed sound system can be quite comprehensive, so d&b wanted to develop a tool that would open up its general operation to non-technical venue staff,” explains d&b Product Manager Wolfgang Schulz. “The R90 enables most of the functions you would need to use on a daily basis to be accomplished with one touch. Of course, it also had to be something that was also simple for system integrators to incorporate into either a new or pre-existing installation.”

Setup and configuration of R90 project settings can be accomplished quickly and easily, after which everyday activities can be managed without a technician present. Running AES70/OCA, the R90 Touchscreen remote control can be easily integrated into any d&b system (using up to fifteen amplifiers) without the need for additional programming.

The hardware consists of a 7″ touch screen (800 x 480 pixel) Industrial PC (IPC) device. It incorporates a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor and provides a steel housing with aluminum front. All connectors are accessible from the lower rear panel. A low installation depth and pull-out clamping levers facilitate easy mounting, without any loose parts.

R90 is part of the d&b Workflow, an extension of the d&b System reality and designed to work in complete harmony with d&b amplifiers and provides a complete installation package consisting of impeccable sound quality and ease of use.

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