Tabula Rasa now has the best sound for a nightclub.


Tabula Rasa wants to stand out as a nightclub with the finest sound in Hyderabad. To make partygoers vouch that music is integral here just as much as food, wine, and service, they wanted Tabula Rasa to be a night club in Hyderabad with premium sound system. In-house DJ Hitesh Kumar with the moniker HKJ draws in the crowd and has a great “rep” amongst those who frequent the place for its repertoire as the best place for dance music in Hyderabad. Artists like Dobe, Anyasa, Tash Movement, Ubbah, Moblack Records, Santiago Garcia, Mindagainst., had their gigs here and EL TAXDI, Aikyam, Niraval, Infusion, Deccan Project, and Varnam are pretty much regulars.

Mr. Shravan Juvvadi who is the founder and owner of this place has immense passion and good taste for music and partying. That is well known amongst the regular crowd and artists so they in turn make this place absolutely “lit”. With his innovative mind seeking to improve quality, Mr. Juvvadi has an eye(or ear?) for finesse in music and futuristic technology. On one of his trips to London, he laid eyes on the immaculate clean sounding club sound setup and it was an instantaneous love affair with the product. In India, he reached out to consultants for the brand d&b audiotechnik and it wasn’t hard for them to find Ansata, Indian distributors for high-end professional audio products.

At Ansata, it wasn’t difficult for Mr. Juvvadi or his System integrator, Audio Wizard to decide what works best for the brand Tabula Rasa. High-end audio products deserve high-end audio solutions and Ansata has that. After a thorough audit, experts from Ansata could make the best-suited solutions. The lot falls for the V10P high-performance 3-way passive point source loudspeaker. Now everyone at the club can listen to the vocals of a pop song or live artist in pristine clarity. It’s not just partials and overtones that people want to hear but also a beefy bass at club. B6 subwoofers from d&b audiotechnik carry an entrancing low-end punch in the club now. To make the image in the space fuller, E6 and E8 loudspeakers are used as out-fills and delays. To generate enough power to drive all the output, our beastly 10D and D20 Amplifiers from d&b audiotechnik were coupled into the setup.

Audio wizard, an Audio visual equipment supplier in Hyderabad, Telangana did the installation under supervision from Ansata. Appreciation from guests and artists has already started pouring in and Mr. Juvvadi now can be relieved knowing he has the best. He stated “I have been searching for an international quality club sound system and we found it in d&b audiotechnik. All the musicians and the sound engineers are extremely happy to perform at Tabula Rasa. There is a huge appreciation from all my customers.”

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Dancing? Talking? Or just listening? Each venue calls for a different sound approach in different areas, at different times. With precise pattern control, d&b systems can offer booming power for the dancefloor or comfortable clarity for bars, seating areas and chill-out zones. Extensive audio for relaxed days and unforgettable nights.

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