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The Pascerella family have history in the hospitality world dating back more than one hundred years, but today they are best known for the Villa Orsini complex including reception rooms, a lobby, lounge areas, a cellar, an archaeological museum, a swimming pool and a beautiful water fountain. Villa Orsini sits on a hillside in Mirabella Eclano just a short drive inland from the bay of Naples and benefits from spectacular panoramic views. The building’s architecture is visually stunning, having been designed to blend in with the hillside landscape that surrounds it. Inside the building boasts themes of old-world charm and elements of classic, harmonious beauty.

The romantic hideaway, stretched out across seventy thousand square metres is able to accommodate a number of different events and is a very popular venue for weddings. Guests to the villa are able to admire ancient Etruscan and Roman archaeological artefacts, which are protected by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage of Salerno and Avellino in the archaeological museum or they can sample cheese and wine in the original 18th century cellars.

Since its opening in 2009 Villa Orsini has witnessed an increase in demand for live music during events so recently owner Carmine Pascarella decided it was time to upgrade the audio system in the main function room. In keeping with his own desire for perfection and the stylistic ideologies of Italy itself, Carmine wanted a powerful yet tasteful system. He turned to Giacomo Ripa of pro audio specialist Osmen in Avellino to specify and install the new sound system. Giacomo visited Villa Orsini to take measurements of the main function room to decide on the best solution in terms of coverage, frequency response and pressure level, and he then conducted a product demonstration at the venue.

VILLA ORSINI | d&b audiotechnik

Giacomo said, “The E-Series from d&b audiotechnik was already a favourite of mine. It’s like a designer’s tool kit; a variety of beautifully crafted loudspeakers that enable me to fashion a system design precisely to the room and fulfil Mr Pascarella’s heartfelt desires.” Giacomo chose four d&b audiotechnik E8 high performance loudspeakers in white supplemented by two d&b audiotechnik E15X-SUB compact and lightweight subwoofers, all of which were powered by two D6 dual channel amplifiers and run on their R1 Remote control software. The E-Series was selected due to its unobtrusive size yet its ability to cater for high SPLs. “The system design I determined was, in the end, quite simple; once Mr Pascarella realised just how powerful and sweet toned this system is I was able to specify a relatively modest installation of E8s with just two E15-SUBs for what is actually a pretty big dining area,” continued Giacomo. “The function room is a substantial space. Some forty metres by twenty five metres, and at under four metres the ceiling is quite low. The reliably consistent directivity of the E8 loudspeaker, 90 by 50 degrees was ideal in terms of coverage, and it is such a small cabinet most of the guests don’t even notice they’re there during the feast. It is features like those that make me proud to be a d&b audiotechnik Sales partner.”

Alongside the installation in the main function room, Giacomo also designed an audio solution for the patio swimming pool area, a place which is often used to serve the wedding cake and champagne and is the setting for early evening dancing. Outdoors Giacomo selected four weather resistant d&b E12-D two-way loudspeakers for the main pool area, as well as four E8 loudspeakers for the annex next door. These cabinets are driven by two D6 amplifiers and are managed again by their R1 Remote control software.

“Even when the wedding feast is over and we clear away the tables to leave the floor open for dancing the sound and quality is just what my clients want. A wedding in Italy is not a drive in a Ferrari, it is something to be taken slowly and savoured; sometimes we cruise and relish the view; later we might step on the gas and enjoy the thrill of the ride. That’s how I think of the system Giacomo has designed for me,” concluded Carmine.

With acknowledgement to Mondo DR for some of the editorial content.

Products employed

E8 loudspeaker

E12 loudspeaker

E15X subwoofer

D6 amplifier

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