Educational systems are always budget conscious, but when inspiring or showcasing the next generation clarity of speech or performance is still critical, alongside ease of use. Optimal Audio offers a streamlined portfolio working seamlessly together as well as integrating with other peripherals to make for easy installation and operation.

In this classroom example the use of a Zone 4P provides maximum flexibility and quality in a single unit.

HDMI inputs are used for the room’s permanently installed computer, and a second connection point is available for teachers’ laptops when required.

The Zone 4P takes the audio from the HDMI inputs whilst passing the video signals on to the room’s projector, where video input switching takes place.

The teacher’s microphone is connected via the ZonePad 1 controller, and relayed through four Up3 ceiling loudspeakers. Playback from the computers is routed to the two Cuboid 8 loudspeakers, one each side of the screen.


Ceiling Speakers


On-wall loudspeakers




Amplifiers with DSP


Zone audio controllers with DSP and WebApp


Zone wall controllers


Intuitive system set up and control

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