In the education sector budgets are always tight, but a system that can perform as required should not be sacrificed. Optimal Audio delivers a flexible system for this heart of an educational establishment that meets all requirements for quality and intelligibility at the right price.

Here the Zone 8 is the heart of a multipurpose system used for everything from assemblies through to fitness classes and school productions.

A PC and a media player send their signals to the hall projector, with an output into the Zone 8 for presentation audio. A multi-format music player is connected, along with an input for a production mixer to take care of the needs of shows and plays

For simple single person operation such as assemblies, a lectern mounted ZonePad 1 and a microphone take care of requirements.

The Zone 8 feeds loudspeakers for the hall via SmartAmps. A combination of Cuboid and Sub loudspeakers gives dynamic audio performance in the hall, with the Zone 8 providing system equalisation and alignment delay between the loudspeakers.

Up 3 ceiling loudspeakers used for show relay in adjoining classrooms. This can be set on the front panel of the Zone 8 without using remote controls, leaving the set-up tamper proof from users in the rooms.


Ceiling Speakers


On-wall loudspeakers




Amplifiers with DSP


Zone audio controllers with DSP and WebApp


Zone wall controllers


Intuitive system set up and control

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