Fitness studios need dynamic sound to motivate the customers to achieve their very best and reach their goals. Studio rooms in particular need systems that provide enough sound level for the instructor’s microphone to be heard above the music that is an integral part of so many workout regimes. All areas are under central control from the Zone 8 with suitable amplification from the SmartAmp range.

Central music sources can be accessed in any room, with local inputs available in the main gymnasium and reception. The two studio rooms have local control and inputs for a music source and microphone. The gymnasium uses sixteen Up 6 loudspeakers to give even coverage and effortlessly reach the required sound level, keeping listener fatigue to a minimum. In the studios Cuboid 10 wall mounted cabinets for dynamic and exciting sound reproduction, whilst the changing and spa areas use the Up 4 ceiling loudspeaker.


Ceiling Speakers


On-wall loudspeakers




Amplifiers with DSP


Zone audio controllers with DSP and WebApp


Zone wall controllers


Intuitive system set up and control

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