In the hospitality sector, ease of use and flexibility are important, while maintaining excellent sound quality and unobtrusive design add to any premier customer experience, Optimal Audio’s solutions offer all of this at the right budget.

In our example showing the public areas of the hotel, a Zone 8 combined with SmartAmps delivers individual audio to seven zones, with stereo sound for most impact in the hotel’s gym facility.

The receptionist has access to a ZonePad4 to select sources and level for toilets, corridors etc. She also has a microphone to call customers in pre-determined rooms.

Central media sources can be played out in any of the connected rooms, with local control for the Fitness Suite, Bar, Lounge and Restaurant. The Bar has a local audio input for its own music sources as and when required, with a local microphone input. The Restaurant also has a local mic input facility.

The Fitness Suite uses high output UP 6 loudspeakers for high volumes and punchy sound, whereas meeting rooms, reception area and corridors use Up 3 loudspeakers which sound great and provide even coverage at more modest volume levels. In the bars and restaurant, Up 4 provides mood enhancing, quality audio to all customers.


Ceiling Speakers


On-wall loudspeakers




Amplifiers with DSP


Zone audio controllers with DSP and WebApp


Zone wall controllers


Intuitive system set up and control

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