Great stereo sound with minimal visual impact is the requirement here, and making use of a Zone 8P’s internal power amplifiers means it can be achieved easily and in a very cost-effective way.

Having a microphone enables Mum or Dad to get the attention of the rest of the family at any time when required.

Each room has access to central music playback sources, in this case via wall mounted ZonePad 1 controllers which also provide a local input facility. Of course, for a really clean install users don’t need to have the wall controllers, they can access the Zone 8P from their own devices via the WebApp.

High quality sound is assured in each room from Up 6 or Up 4 loudspeakers, augmented by a Sub 10 in the Family Room and the Lounge. Each of these is powered from paired channels on a SmartAmp 20 with all processing taken care of in the Zone 8P.


Ceiling Speakers


On-wall loudspeakers




Amplifiers with DSP


Zone audio controllers with DSP and WebApp


Zone wall controllers


Intuitive system set up and control

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