For a wedding venue, clearly audible speech is important, great quality sound for the speeches and music during the meal, and of course reliability. No-one wants to tell the happy couple their day isn’t going to be quite as perfect as they’d like it to be!

With two public spaces available for the ceremony and celebration, each needing multiple audio feeds to the different speaker types and locations Zone 8 is the ideal choice.

For the wedding chapel, a suspended microphone above the couple allows their guest to hear the vows clearly. The celebrant has the control via a ZonePad1 which is also the connection point for their microphone. The couple’s chosen images and soundtrack can be replayed from a media server or their own device, connected via the ZonePad 1.

Clear, quality sound reproduction for the guests is assured from a pair of wall mounted Cuboid 8 loudspeakers, with under-balcony fill at the rear of the room from a pair of ceiling mounted Up 4. The sound for the ceremony can be recorded when required.

The celebration suite has a radio microphone for the speeches, and a microphone for the master of ceremonies connected via the room’s ZonePad1 controller. This also provides a connection point for the guest’s media player with their own playlist. Connection for a laptop computer allows display of pictures or video via the video projector and sound system.

Even, high quality sound coverage for the music, soundtrack and microphones is ensured through twelve Up 6 Ceiling loudspeakers.


Ceiling Speakers


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Amplifiers with DSP


Zone audio controllers with DSP and WebApp


Zone wall controllers


Intuitive system set up and control

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