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    Why Use Hard Drive Degaussers?

    Hard drives are robust storage mediums. Nowadays, anyone can send a drive to a data recovery company to retrieve the vast majority of ‘deleted’ data. Furthermore many manufacturers are now engineering hard drives to include data retrieval processes.

    [su_expand height="0" link_color="#000" link_style="button" link_align="center" more_icon="icon: plus-circle" less_icon="icon: minus-circle"]To remove data from a hard drive to the point where the previous data is entirely unrecoverable, only by degaussing a hard drive will it be sufficient. Degaussers erase data by randomizing the magnetic charge of a hard drive using a powerful magnetic field. This field completely destroys any resemblance of previously recorded data.

    Degaussing is a permanent method of data erasure, and the most widely recognized high-security method of disposal. You cannot use a hard drive after it’s been degaussed. This is because degaussing will also destroy the start-up program hard-coded into the hard drive, known as firmware. For more information, see our introduction to degaussers.

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