IT Products

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  • Desktop PCIe Enclosures

    Desktop PCIe Enclosures (3)

    High Speed PCIe Desktop Expansion Enclosures

    These light weight appliances offer performance gains to any laptop or workstation via PCIe

    One Stop Systems offers many different shapes and sizes for our desktop expansion products. With a wide variety of PCIe cards, these products can easily add tremendous power to a laptop or computer.

  • Flash Storage Systems

    Flash Storage Systems (2)

    Provide up to 200TB high-density PCIe NVMe flash and support up to 8 million IOPS with 80GB/second throughput. Many of our Storage Arrays are based on the Ion Accelerator Software.

    The fastest, most flexible and powerful turnkey storage solutions in the high performance computing market.

    OSS has a variety of flash storage arrays and expansion systems with varying levels of density and features to provide storage for HPC applications.

  • Rackmount Expansion

    Rackmount Expansion (8)

    Precision Engineered PCIe Expansion Chassis to fit any Application. With space optimized designs, various rackmount and slot sizes, OSS rackmount expansion serves as the perfect companion to any workstation or server.

  • Servers

    Servers (11)


    High performance compute platforms for the rugged edge.

  • Thunderbolt™ Cables

    Thunderbolt™ Cables (5)

  • Thunderbolt™ Expansion

    Thunderbolt™ Expansion (1)

    The Magma Thunderbolt products provide an “outside-the-box” solution for using PCIe cards with Thunderbolt equipped computers. Many companies have a significant investment in PCIe cards but as the size of computers gets smaller, available expansion slots have been reduced or completely eliminated. Our Magma Thunderbolt products provide a “migration path” to Thunderbolt enabled computers while protecting your investment in PCIe hardware.

    Magma and One Stop Systems’ expertise in developing products that extend PCIe signals over a cable and outside of the computer provides a reliable foundation for producing rock solid products that perform as expected even in the most demanding configurations.

  • Degaussers (5)

    Why Use Hard Drive Degaussers?

    Hard drives are robust storage mediums. Nowadays, anyone can send a drive to a data recovery company to retrieve the vast majority of ‘deleted’ data. Furthermore many manufacturers are now engineering hard drives to include data retrieval processes.

    [su_expand height="0" link_color="#000" link_style="button" link_align="center" more_icon="icon: plus-circle" less_icon="icon: minus-circle"]To remove data from a hard drive to the point where the previous data is entirely unrecoverable, only by degaussing a hard drive will it be sufficient. Degaussers erase data by randomizing the magnetic charge of a hard drive using a powerful magnetic field. This field completely destroys any resemblance of previously recorded data.

    Degaussing is a permanent method of data erasure, and the most widely recognized high-security method of disposal. You cannot use a hard drive after it’s been degaussed. This is because degaussing will also destroy the start-up program hard-coded into the hard drive, known as firmware. For more information, see our introduction to degaussers.

  • HDD Destroyer (1)