Thunderbolt™ Expansion

The Magma Thunderbolt products provide an “outside-the-box” solution for using PCIe cards with Thunderbolt equipped computers. Many companies have a significant investment in PCIe cards but as the size of computers gets smaller, available expansion slots have been reduced or completely eliminated. Our Magma Thunderbolt products provide a “migration path” to Thunderbolt enabled computers while protecting your investment in PCIe hardware.

Magma and One Stop Systems’ expertise in developing products that extend PCIe signals over a cable and outside of the computer provides a reliable foundation for producing rock solid products that perform as expected even in the most demanding configurations.

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  • ExpressBox 3T-V3-eGPU Chassis

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    Thunderbolt™ 3 PCIe Expansion Chassis

    Turn everyday laptops and desktops into powerful supercomputing workstations. The EB3T-V3 has been qualified with the following NVIDIA Quadro GPUs: GV100, RTX6000, RTX5000, and RTX4000 (GPU Not Included)

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