Line arrays

The d&b Line Arrays offer consistent, high performance solutions for any size of application, from the smallest theatres and concert venues to the largest stadiums and outdoor festival environments.

From the compact and flexible T-Series, Y-Series and V-Series, including their installation variants, to the large scale J-Series, the d&b line arrays share the same compelling attributes: sonic performance, carefully designed handling, and all the benefits of the d&b suite of applied software technologies. The SL-Series covers every eventuality, and delivers extraordinary dynamic range, with impressive power capability and headroom exclusively to where it is targeted. All systems are engineered for the trademark d&b qualities: low weight, constant directivity control down to low frequencies, cardioid subwoofer technology and integrated flying equipment. Hand in hand with the sophisticated loudspeaker management capabilities of the d&b Amplifiers, system design and optimization power of the d&b enabling technologies, the d&b Line Array range delivers all the tools needed to achieve Democracy for Listeners.

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