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  • BOOM HOLDER CLIPS FOR AHM6000 & AHM6001,5pcs.

    Clips for securing the d:fine™ 4066 and 4088 Booms to the adjustable Headset Mount.

    Sold as a set of five pcs. Available in two colors: Black and beige.

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  • Shock Mount

    11,510 (13,582 Inc. GST @ 18%)
    The SM1500 Shock Mount is a double-pole construction on an adjustable microphone stand base. Both omnidirectional and directional microphones – compact as well as larger – fit this mount.

    Using pressure gradient (directional) microphones calls for more attention to suppressing vibrations from the microphone.

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  • MMP-C Suspension Mount

    3,450 (4,071 Inc. GST @ 18%)
    Optional accessory for all compact d:dicate™ Microphones with an MMP-C or MMP-E preamplifier.
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    Clip to connect a d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphone to an acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukulele or dobro. It offers practically unlimited placement possibilities.

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    4,740 (5,593 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Magnet Base for microphone holder.

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  • 41xx/42xx Clothing clip, 5 pcs.

    1,050 (1,239 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Clips to attach d:fine™ Headset Microphone cables to the speaker’s clothes.

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  • Slim 60/61 Concealer

    2,080 (2,454 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    A concealer for the d:screet™ Slim Microphones.
    It features a separable construction; the top of the concealer can be separated from the base. This allows you to affix the base to clothing, yet allows the top part to be removed independently.

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  • Shock Mount

    27,730 (32,721 Inc. GST @ 18%)
    The UA0897 Shock Mount is designed for use in environments where vibration levels are unusually high. Its ultra-compact, robust design significantly reduces the amount of vibration that reaches the mic.

    This shock mount was designed using modern vibration measuring techniques using Brüel & Kjær’s world famous vibration test equipment. Unlike other shock mounts, the vibration reduction is clearly specified. It can be used stand mounted in the studio or in hand-held boom applications

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹2,727/month
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  • Table Base

    8,060 (9,511 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    The TB4000 Table Base is a beautifully designed base for use with most microphone holders with a 3/8-inch thread.

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    A versatile, 4-way clip for our d:screet™ omnidirectional lavalier microphones. It allows you to mount the mic in an upwards, downwards, left- or right-side position.


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  • Stereo Boom with Holders

    59,640 (70,375 Inc. GST @ 18%)
    The Stereo Boom is a precision-crafted microphone boom for secure mounting of microphone pairs for A-B stereo recordings.

    You can adjust both microphone spacing and microphone angle. The boom can be mounted on a stand or suspended from wires. It has centimeter graduations on the boom and angle graduations on the microphone holder for quick and easy configuration of the recording set-up.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹5,865/month
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  • 4060/61/62/63 Boundary Layer Mount, Black

    1,860 (2,195 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    The BLM6000 Boundary Layer Mount is a unique accessory that enhances the versatility of your d:screet™ Miniature Microphone. It is a soft piece of durable rubber with a diameter of 75 mm (2.95 in). It has an underside cavity for mounting a d:screet™ 4060, 4061, 4062 or 4063 microphone.

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  • Clamp Mount

    3,450 (4,071 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Clamp mount to easily and quickly connect a d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphone to many types of instruments, such as saxophones and brass instruments. The mounting mechanism makes it easy to move the mic between instruments with one hand.

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  • Table Shock Mount

    21,450 (25,311 Inc. GST @ 18%)
    The Table Shock Mount is a highly stylish fixed microphone mount. It is optimized for the weight and dimensions of our d:sign™ Gooseneck and Floor Stand Microphones.
    No Cost EMI starts at ₹2,109/month
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  • Cable Clamp for 4080, 5 pcs.

    1,420 (1,676 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Cable clamp for d:screet™ 4080 Miniature Cardioid Microphone, Lavalier.
    Sold as a set of five pcs.

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    Clip to connect a d:vote™ 4099 Instrument Microphone to any type of drum. A revolutionary ‘90° ’ system provides a wide range of mounting options. By detaching the clip from the gooseneck and re-mounting it turned 90°, the number of mic positions is doubled. For the bass drum, the d:vote™ VC4099 Clip fits perfect on the rim.

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