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  • 12Mic

    219,770 (259,329 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    12-channel digitally controlled microphone preamplifier with AVB & MADI

    The RME 12Mic is a twelve channel remote controllable microphone preamplifier with no-compromise A/D conversion, integrated AVB and MADI connectivity, and a multitude of features designed to make it a perfect companion for any professional recording.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹21,611/month
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  • DMC-842

    292,230 (344,831 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    The DMC-842 is both an 8-Channels AES42 interface as well as a controller for digital microphones. The unique device allows for connection and control of up to 8 digital microphones, and converting their signals to ADAT, AES/EBU, analog and (optional) MADI. Eight individually switchable hi-end sample rate converters offer a flexible clocking and further usage options, especially as the inputs are compatible to AES3 and AES/EBU too.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹28,736/month
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  • M-1610 Pro – Coming Soon

    228,450 (269,571 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    16 channel A/D, 8 channel D/A converter with ADAT, AVB, MADI and separate phones out

    The RME M-1610 Pro combines 16 analog inputs with 8 balanced analog line level outputs, independent stereo headphones, redundant AVB ports, up to two independent MADI ports, ADAT outputs, remote control with web interface and dual internal power supplies – to deliver M-32 Pro performance at an attractive price point.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹22,464/month
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  • Micstasy

    292,230 (344,831 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Micstasy is an 8-Channel hi-end mic/line preamp and AD-converter combining typical RME features with a number of previously unseen features. It can be used analog (Mic/Line In to Line Out) and digital (Mic/Line In to Digital Out), with both signal paths operating simultaneously. Special highlight: the device is fully remote-controllable via MIDI (also MIDI over MADI).

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹28,736/month
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  • Octamic II

    106,650 (125,847 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    The OctaMic II provides 8-Channel 192 kHz / 24 bit AD conversion with eight hi-class microphone and line pre-amplification channels, featuring a combination of sophisticated components and approved RME technology. Lowest distortion, excellent signal to noise ratio and perfectly linear frequency response transmit and amplify the microphone signals truly unchanged.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹10,487/month
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  • Octamic XTC

    168,220 (198,500 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    RME proudly presents a new generation of top-class microphone, line and instrument preamp, hi-end A/D converter, digital patchbay and format converter, monitoring device, and last but not least the flexible frontend for Apple’s iPad® – the OctaMic XTC! With the OctaMic XTC eight microphone and line inputs, four switchable to Hi-Z mode, meet an unrivaled variety of digital connection protocols – from common ADAT and AES/EBU to sophisticated 64-channel MADI optical.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹16,542/month
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  • QuadMic II

    48,300 (56,994 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    The QuadMic II complements any RME system with line inputs by adding external microphone inputs. Since the unit runs on supply voltages from 9 to 18V DC, it can operate on virtually any power source available, including batteries and rechargeable batteries.

    No Cost EMI starts at ₹4,750/month
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  • Pro Tools | MTRX

    Call for price

    Looking for the purest, most detailed sound quality and expansive routing and monitor control possible in your sessions? You just found it. The versatile new Pro Tools | MTRX audio interface is coming soon for Pro Tools | HDX and HD Native. Get the superior sonic quality of DAD’s legendary AD and DA converters—plus incredibly flexible monitoring, I/O, and routing capabilities—all in a powerful unit that integrates seamlessly with Pro Tools | S6 and S3.