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  • RX Elements


    Essential audio repair for home studios

    RX Elements is the perfect introduction into the world of audio repair, featuring the new Repair Assistant which automatically finds and removes noise, clipping, clicks, and other problems that can plague your production audio.

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  • RX Loudness Control


    Designed specifically for audio/video post production and broadcast workflows, RX Loudness Control uses industry-leading, intelligent audio signal processing to ensure your mixes are delivered within the appropriate loudness standards.

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  • iZotope Everything Bundle


    Get EVERY iZotope plug-in in one package! The Everything Bundle contains every current iZotope product, including all of our music, post, and creative production software. Get absolutely everything you need to finish any audio session, including RX 7 Advanced for audio repair, Ozone 8 Advanced for mastering, Neutron 3 Advanced for mixing, and much, much more!

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  • BreakTweaker Addons


    Expand your sonic palette with BreakTweaker’s add-on Expansion libraries, well-suited to a variety of production styles. Experience analog punch with Vintage Machines, rhythmic tension and release with Cinematic Textures, industry-defining percussion with Kicks & Snares by Beatport Sounds, and fresh beats with Modern Grooves by Black Octopus.

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  • RX 7 Advanced Reverb Bundle


    Audio repair, dialogue editing, and reverb tools for post

    Includes RX 7 Advanced, Dialogue Match (a Pro Tools AudioSuite plug-in), and Stratus.

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  • VocalSynth 2


    VocalSynth 2 is an immersive vocal experience that adapts and evolves with your unique style and opens up a world of vocal possibilities.

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    RX 7 Standard


    The industry standard for audio repair

    As the industry leader in audio repair, RX 7 introduces Repair Assistant and Music Rebalance, plus tools for any audio post-production job.

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  • Exponential Audio: R2 Surround

    30,720 Excl. GST (36,250 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Lush multichannel reverbs

    Bring new life and personality to your multichannel mixes with R2 Surround. This character-filled reverb is built to meet the demands of any surround music or post-production project, no matter how complex. Use the 3D Link expansion feature to connect multiple instances of R2 Surround for control over your entire multichannel mix, choose from eight early reflection patterns, then add shimmering modulation to your reverb tail for added depth and motion.

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  • Exponential Audio: Symphony

    38,420 Excl. GST (45,336 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Lush surround reverbs with advanced control

    Our lush, colorful reverb engine gets a multichannel upgrade in Symphony. Offering support for up to 7.1 surround, Symphony delivers a rich, character-filled reverb tone for any music or post production project. With channel-specific Balance controls and an expanded Warp section with Compression and Overdrive modules, Symphony takes the creative power of R2 Surround and R4 and pushes it even further.

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  • Mobius Filter


    Add movement and emotion to your music with Mobius Filter’s infinitely ascending or descending filter sweeps. Find the sweet spot for your track quickly and fluidly, to push to extreme heights or add subtle hints of motion. Create fresh filter effects for any genre—massive filter swells, psychedelic alternatives to flange effects, or fresh inspiration for adventurous soundscapes.

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  • Exponential Audio: Symphony 3D

    46,120 Excl. GST (54,422 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Lush reverb for surround and immersive formats

    Our lush, colorful reverb engine gets a 24-channel upgrade in Symphony 3D, bringing rich modulation and dynamics effects to any surround music or post production. With channel-specific Balance controls and an expanded Warp section with Compression and Overdrive modules, Symphony 3D combines the creative power of R4 and R2 Surround while pushing their capabilities even further.

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  • RX 7 Advanced


    The Industry Standard for Audio Repair

    Designed specifically for the demanding needs of post production professionals, RX 7 Advanced introduces brand new processing powered by machine learning, powerful AudioSuite tools, and multichannel support up to 7.1.2.

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  • Post Production Surround Reverb Bundle


    Powerful spatial effects for music, dialogue, and post production

    Includes Dialogue Match, (a Pro Tools AudioSuite plug-in), Stratus, and Symphony.

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  • Exponential Audio: PhoenixVerb Surround

    23,020 Excl. GST (27,164 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Clean multichannel reverbs

    PhoenixVerb Surround delivers the signature transparent reflections of PhoenixVerb, now with multichannel support up to 7.1. From mixing dialogue and music to placing foley and sound effects, PhoenixVerb Surround’s comprehensive interface and advanced surround controls make it the perfect tool for any audio post job.

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  • Exponential Audio: Stereo Reverb Bundle


    Versatile reverb and effects in stereo

    Stereo Reverb Bundle brings you quintessential Exponential Audio reverb quality in a versatile tool set built to handle any stereo mixing project. With natural and character reverbs included alongside a variety of multi-effects, Stereo Reverb has your next music production covered.

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  • Ozone 9 Advanced


    The future of mastering

    Ozone 9 Advanced

    • Improved performance
    • Native Instruments NKS Support
    • Master Assistant
    • Match EQ
    • Master Rebalance
    • Low End Focus
    • Tonal Balance Control plug-in
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