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  • M-32 AD / M-32 DA Pro


    High-end 32-Channel 192 kHz AD or DA Converter with MADI and AVB

    With the M-32 AD and M-32 DA, RME presented two independent 32-channel converters in 2010, which quickly became the industry standard thanks to their high quality, reliability and number of channels. Since then, not only the converter technology but also the requirements of pro audio users have evolved in all kinds of areas – professional studios, immersive sound installations, live sound systems and even applications in the industrial sector requiring high analog channel counts.

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  • M-1610 Pro – Coming Soon

    221,910 Excl. GST (261,854 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    16 channel A/D, 8 channel D/A converter with ADAT, AVB, MADI and separate phones out

    The RME M-1610 Pro combines 16 analog inputs with 8 balanced analog line level outputs, independent stereo headphones, redundant AVB ports, up to two independent MADI ports, ADAT outputs, remote control with web interface and dual internal power supplies – to deliver M-32 Pro performance at an attractive price point.

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  • M-32 AD / M-16 AD


    RME’s M-32 AD is a 32-channel high-end AD converter, easy to operate yet having a comprehensive feature set. The unit combines excellent analog circuit design with the latest converter chips and RME’s superior SteadyClock, resulting in a state-of-the-art AD conversion – 32 times!

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  • AVB Tool

    131,030 Excl. GST (154,615 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Half-rack MADI-AVB converter with outstanding analog connectivity

    The RME AVB Tool combines MADI and deterministic AVB networked audio with four high-precision microphone, instrument and line level inputs, plus headphone and separate line level outputs. Following RME’s concept of maximum versatility and connectivity, 128 channels of MADI I/O have been also added to this half rack 19” device.

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  • 12Mic

    213,490 Excl. GST (251,918 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    12-channel digitally controlled microphone preamplifier with AVB & MADI

    The RME 12Mic is a twelve channel remote controllable microphone preamplifier with no-compromise A/D conversion, integrated AVB and MADI connectivity, and a multitude of features designed to make it a perfect companion for any professional recording.

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  • ADI-648

    176,470 Excl. GST (208,235 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    This Multichannel Audio Digital Interface offers format conversion from MADI to ADAT and vice-versa. The ADI-648 thus combines the world’s most successful multi-Channel interface with the professionals’ exclusive high-end interface. MADI offers 64 channels of 24-Bit audio at up to 48 kHz sample rate, and 32 channels at up to 96 kHz. Transmission happens over a single line, either coaxial (BNC) or fiber optic (network). In both cases the cable length can be more than 100 meters.

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  • ADI-8 QS

    176,470 Excl. GST (208,235 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    8-Channel AD/DA Converter with MADI Option

    RME’s ADI-8 QS is an 8-Channel hi-end AD/DA converter with an unrivalled bunch of features. The device combines excellent analog circuit design with outstanding low latency AD/DA converter chips of the latest generation. Along with the integrated SteadyClock, the QS offers an AD- and DA-conversion of the highest quality.

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  • ADI-2 Pro FS R Black Edition

    144,090 Excl. GST (170,026 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Ultra-Fidelity PCM/DSD 768 kHz AD/DA Converter

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  • M-32 DA / M-16 DA


    RME’s M-32 DA is a 32-channel high-end DA converter, easy to operate yet having a comprehensive feature set. The unit combines excellent analog circuit design with the latest converter chips and RME’s superior SteadyClock, resulting in a state-of-the-art DA conversion – not less than 32 times!

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  • ADI-6432 / ADI-6432R


    RMEs ADI-6432 offers 64 channels of format conversion from MADI to AES and vice versa. Typical applications include two ADI-6432 used as digital multicore, or one unit used as AES/EBU frontend for theHammerfall DSP MADI PCI card. Up to 192 kHz at 24-Bit are supported. Built with 2 units height there is enough space for all connectors and control elements.

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  • MADI Router

    218,940 Excl. GST (258,349 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    The MADI Router is a compact device designed to link MADI devices of any manufacturer with unprecedented flexibility in signal routing. It provides this flexibility by serving as a format converter between optical and electrical signals, as a signal repeater, and as a distributor and merger of several MADI signals, all at the same time.

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  • ADI-6432R BNC

    434,420 Excl. GST (512,616 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    The ADI-6432R BNC provides 64 channels of format conversion from MADI to AES-3id and vice versa. Based on RME’s highly successful bidirectional MADI-AES/AES-MADI converter ADI-6432, the newly developed ADI-6432R BNC offers broadcasters ease of integration and fail-safe operation through the utilization of industry standard BNC connectors and dual redundant power supplies, while offering 64 channels of I/O capability. The BNC version targets broadcast and professional users who require AES-3id connections – coaxial 75 Ohm cables with up to 300m length.

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  • ADI-2 DAC FS

    89,240 Excl. GST (105,303 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    The ADI-2 DAC includes an improved SteadyClock, a fine-tuned to perfection analog circuitry, new MRC remote control, Extreme Power headphone output and a very special IEM output. It has all the bells and whistles that made the ADI-2 Pro famous, including its perfectly transparent sound signature and full DSP processing with Bass, Treble, Loudness, 5 Band Parametric EQ, Crossfeed and much more. With its simplified operation and stunning design it is the ideal center piece from home listening up to studio reference playback.

    This product will be available to ship only by end of Aug from RME.

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  • ADI-2 FS

    62,010 Excl. GST (73,172 Inc. GST @ 18%)
    • High-Precision 192 kHz 2-Channel
    • ADAT.SPDIF.AES/EBU AD/DA converter

    The ADI-2 FS is a compact and extremely flexible 2-channel Hi-End AD/DA-converter. The small 9.5″ unit offers first-class AD/DA-conversion from/to SPDIF, AES and ADAT, at up to 192 kHz. Its ability to use SPDIF, AES and ADAT format provides outstanding compatibility. Whatever it is – simply get connected!

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