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  • Channel G


    Channel G delivers the big board sound with unprecedented flexibility and seamless integration with the Avid D-Control and D-Command control surfaces.

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  • Neyrinck SoundCode for Dolby E Encoder

    151,620 Excl. GST (178,912 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    SoundCode For Dolby E Encoder is a suite of software tools that makes Dolby E encoding fast and easy on Mac or Windows.

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  • Neyrinck Soundcode Exchange MXF

    189,920 Excl. GST (224,106 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    SoundCode Exchange MXF Import lets you import and export MXF media in Pro Tools. It features OP1a and OP-Atom video and audio import. And it feature audio export to OP1a files.

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  • NF575 Noise Filter


    Accurate high pass and low pass filters reduce low frequency rumble and high frequency hiss. Selectable slopes of 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 and 36 dB/Oct and frequency control range covering the entire audible spectrum make the NF575 filters extremely flexible.

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  • Satellite Link Option

    57,400 Excl. GST (67,732 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Experience the fastest, most efficient way to work with sound for picture. With Video Satellite, you can mix in Pro Tools and sync with Media Composer video sequences, without anyone having to render effects, transcode media, or copy files. Easily lock transports with Media Composer—running on a dedicated Mac or Windows-based computer in sync with your Pro Tools | HD session. Enhance your post-production efficiency. And maintain the full audio track count and processing power of your Pro Tools | HD system.

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  • McDSP Everything Pack Native v6.3 Plug-in Bundle

    194,920 Excl. GST (230,006 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Plug-in Bundle with Compressors, Limiters, EQs, and Filters – Mac/PC AAX Native, AU, VST, VST3

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  • 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip


    The 6050 Ultimate Channel Strip has everything you need to make your mix sound great. All the modules from the award-winning 6020 Ultimate EQ and 6030 Ultimate Compressor plug-ins are included. Additional modules include gates, expanders, signal saturators, and specialized filters.

  • Footprint FP-01 Pair

    378,250 Excl. GST (446,335 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Barefoot Sound’s new Footprint line of powered nearfield monitors delivers the company’s uncompromising audio performance and build quality to engineers, producers, composers and musicians working in smaller spaces and with smaller budgets.

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  • Analog Channel


    Analog Channel emulates the sounds of high-end analog tape machines, tape, and channel amplifiers.

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  • Neyrinck Soundcode for Dolby E Bundle

    204,820 Excl. GST (241,688 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    SoundCode For Dolby E is a suite of software tools that makes Dolby E encoding and decoding fast and easy on Mac or Windows, SoundCode For Dolby E works for traditional tape-based workflows and emerging file-based workflows. SoundCode realtime monitoring detects and displays any CRC errors so you can deliver Dolby E streams with 100% confidence. This bundle includes standalone encode and decode applications, Pro Tools HD/LE encode and decode plug-ins, audio unit decode plug-in, and N-Mon.

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  • McDSP Retro Pack HD v6.3 Plug-in Bundle

    26,440 Excl. GST (31,199 Inc. GST @ 18%)
    Vintage-styled Plug-in Bundle with 4020 Retro EQ Native v6, 4030 Retro Compressor Native v6, and 4040 Retro Limiter Native v6 – Mac/PC AAX DSP, AAX Native, AU, VST, VST3
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  • McDSP Classic Pack HD v6.3 Plug-in Bundle

    38,920 Excl. GST (45,926 Inc. GST @ 18%)
    Plug-in Bundle with Analog Channel, CompressorBank, FilterBank, and MC2000 Plug-ins – Mac/PC AAX DSP, AAX Native, AU, VST, VST3
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  • Pro Tools | Ultimate 1-Year Software Updates + Support Plan RENEWAL (Electronic)

    28,930 Excl. GST (34,137 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    This product entitles you to the renewal of your current, soon to expire software upgrade and Avid ExpertPlus software support for a single Pro Tools HD Native or Pro Tools HDX system.

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  • ML4000


    The ML4000 is a high-resolution limiter and multi-band dynamics processor designed for music, mastering, post, and live sound.

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  • DE555


    The DE555 is a new generation of de-essing technology, providing transparent, precise de-essing with unique flexibility.

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