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  • Kramer PIE Compressor

    19,170 Excl. GST (22,621 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Modeled on a vintage Pye compressor, the PIE compressor plugin features a modeled VU meter with superfast refresh rates that recreates behavior of a physical meter.

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  • Dave Clarke EMP Toolbox

    46,120 Excl. GST (54,422 Inc. GST @ 18%)
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  • OneKnob Louder

    3,770 Excl. GST (4,449 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Using a combination of peak limiting and low-level compression with automatic makeup, OneKnob Louder effectively makes tracks louder, increasing RMS by up to 24 dB.

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  • X-FDBK

    11,470 Excl. GST (13,535 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    X-FDBK identifies the precise frequencies that cause feedback and surgically cuts them, dramatically shortening the setup time of monitors and PA speakers.

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  • Essentials

    130,820 Excl. GST (154,368 Inc. GST @ 18%)
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  • LoAir

    6,080 Excl. GST (7,174 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    With adjustable frequency and low-pass filter controls to shape your ultra low-end, LoAir subharmonic plugin can process polyphonic content and create LFE tracks from stereo or 5.0 sources.

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  • Tony Maserati Signature Series

    30,720 Excl. GST (36,250 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    7 user-friendly plugins for vocals, guitars, bass, keys, drums and more, created with Grammy-winning mixer Tony Maserati (Beyoncé, Jay Z, David Bowie).

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  • GTR Solo

    3,770 Excl. GST (4,449 Inc. GST @ 18%)
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  • JJP Vocals

    7,620 Excl. GST (8,992 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Created in association with iconic producer / mixing engineer Jack Joseph Puig, JJP Vocals Plugin emulates the processing chain Jack used on hits by Lady Gaga, John Mayer and Keith Urban.

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  • PAZ Analyzer

    9,930 Excl. GST (11,717 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Accurate and easy to use, the PAZ audio analyzer plugin generates a realtime visual representation of your stereo positioning, frequency spread, and Peak/RMS levels.

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  • Linear Phase EQ

    11,470 Excl. GST (13,535 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    With linear phase filters that preserve your original musical balance, the Linear Phase EQ plugin provides precision control over the entire harmonic spectrum.

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  • JJP Cymbals & Percussions

    7,620 Excl. GST (8,992 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Created in collaboration with Grammy® Award-winning producer/mixer Jack Joseph Puig, this plugin recreates his processing chains for cymbals and percussion.

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  • TrueVerb

    7,620 Excl. GST (8,992 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Combining reverb, an early reflections simulator, and an intuitive interface, the TrueVerb reverb plugin makes it easy to create natural-sounding acoustic spaces.

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  • Tape, Tubes & Transistors

    38,420 Excl. GST (45,336 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    Developed in association with legendary producer/engineer Eddie Kramer this bundle features three meticulously-modeled plugins: Kramer Master Tape HLS Channel and PIE Compressor.

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  • InPhase LT

    InPhase LT

    6,080 Excl. GST (7,174 Inc. GST @ 18%)

    The ultimate sampled reverb plugin, the IR1 convolution reverb plugin puts the sampled sound of Wembley Arena, Grand Ole Opry and other famous spaces in your hands.

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