The Industry Standard for Audio Repair

RX is the award-winning audio repair suite trusted by more top post production engineers than anything else to quickly and reliably deliver great sound.

Built on decades of iZotope research, RX 9 tackles emerging audio capture and production issues to help you tell clear, impactful stories.

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What’s new in RX 9

Instantly eliminate all hums

Dynamic De-hum (RX 9 Standard & Advanced)

Use the new Dynamic Mode in RX 9’s De-Hum to instantly remove any amount of hum, wireless ring, or interference, without artifacts or affecting the audio quality. In one pass, eliminate radio and transmitter interference, camera and generator hum, and more.

Let your dialogue shine

Enhanced separation with Dialogue Isolate (RX 9 Advanced)

Using iZotope machine learning, this new version of Dialogue Isolate makes it easier than ever to extract clean dialogue from its environment, without artifacts. Instantly separate speech from crowds, traffic, footsteps, weather, and more.

Movement brings scenes to life

Complex Ambience Match (RX 9 Advanced)

Now you can seamlessly connect dialogue and ADR cuts with real background movement and textures with the new Complex mode in Ambience Match. Quickly match ambiences you never could before: ocean, wind, traffic, crowds, and more!

Workflow enhancements in RX 9

  • Roll back an audio selection to any previous step in the History list to get the best combined audio processing from any point in time with the brand-new Restore feature.
  • Need to view more than five steps of undo history? No problem. The expandable History list now shows up to 30 undo steps for quick reference.
  • Clean up unwanted sounds directly in Logic® using the new Spectral Editor, built on the ARA plug-in extension. Select noise and remove it without having to toggle between Logic and RX.
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