Installed Sound

Setting up permanent sound reinforcement for different locations often poses unique challenges, they need a working sound system that fit the organisation’s specific needs.
The solution will vary depending on the size and type of the venue and the quality and coverage they require. We provide install solutions from the simplest home systems to the largest Auditoriums. Our installation process includes a System Design, the Installation & Training and the Integration.

Our Install Sound Brand & Workflow

We are recognized by professionals in the areas of live sound, music recording and sound for film/TV post production, assuring you of world class service delivery and support. Our systems provide an unmatched performance and listening experience for you and your audience.

Brands we use for your solution

Loudspeaker Systems

With their neutral sound character and discreet appearance, d&b systems are qualified for the task of permanently being installed in venues. The worldwide reputation and acceptance by performers, artists and musicians alike means that everyone will be content that the systems stay put and do not move at all. The d&b workflow transports a project from concept to reality with a modernized approach to installation. Their workflow begins with designing the right system for a venue with the help of the simulation software – d&b ArrayCalc, the output from this simulation is being sent to a remote control software – d&b R1, which helps the speaker and amps to communicate with each other.


Digital Mixing Systems

Avid VENUE Mixing Systems help simplify complex workflows and maximize efficiency, to get the performance, flexibility and reliability you need from the first act to the final curtain call. When integrated with Pro Tools and audio plug-ins, it helps in building great sounding, immersive mixes that enhance what’s happening on stage. They are being used by musicians & artists and their engineers around the world for writing, recording, editing and mixing audio to bring out the best in the performance.



Every part of the audio chain after the microphone will attempt to replicate the original sound source, and to ensure that the best possible sound reaches the ears of the audience, the best possible sound must enter the sound chain. Therefore, we focus on helping you to purchase the right microphone for the act. DPA Installed Microphone do not limit itself to podium mics but diverges with the need of the performance. Ranging from Instrument Microphones for different musical instruments, Headset microphones to sing and speak with no distortion to handheld microphones, we are equipped to pamper the performers and give them the best sounding performance with the least effort from them.



Van Damme cables have been powering audio systems for live gigs from the biggest stadiums to small venues, they design and build cables specifically around the customer base to ensure that the signals that are received and sent from system to system are preserved to the best quality possible. From high end home theatres to the biggest tours and most famous recording studios Van Damme cables are made with materials that are a best fit for your exact requirements.

Audio Networking

Dante replaces point-to-point audio and video connections with easy-to-use, scalable, flexible networking. Adopted by hundreds of manufacturers in thousands of professional products, Dante is the de facto standard for modern AV connectivity.  We are the partner for Dante in India.


Audio Plug-ins

World leading signal processing technologies from industry leaders like Waves, Sonnox, McDSP and Neyrinck caters to a variety of applications from music recording & mixing to feature-film mixes in immersive audio formats of today.

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