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Television sound mixing consists of similar functions like that of film sound mixing, but with more emphasis on maintaining speech intelligibility and loudness compliance. A distorted audio is neither intelligible nor pleasing to listen to, increasing listener fatigue and anxiety. Poor speech intelligibility affects viewership in this highly crowded and competitive broadcasting landscape. The audience of today is gaining access to good quality home audio systems that far exceed the performance of traditional TV speakers enabling them to listen to high quality audio, and to discern the difference between good and bad audio across channels on air. Hence importance of high quality sound in broadcasting is paramount.


Brands we use for your solution

DAW systems & Control Surfaces

Avid Technology Inc., leads the industry in DAW and professional digital audio technologies with critically acclaimed and awarded products like Pro Tools® software & Pro Tools | HD systems, and advanced control surfaces like Pro Tools | S6, Pro Tools | S3 & DOCK and Pro Tools | Control iOS app for full hands-on control of various audio elements and plugins. Avid Pro Tools DAW systems help you create, mix and deliver high quality audio content helping you stand out of the crowd and get noticed in this highly competitive industry.


Audio Interfaces, Mic Preamps, AD/DA Interfaces and Digital Format Converters

A well known german manufacturer of super-transparent and highly accurate Audio Interfaces, Microphone preamps, AD/DA converters and Digital audio format converters. This high quality gear caters to professional audio recording & mixing environments ranging from personal studios, music recording and immersive audio mixing studios and broadcast facilities.


Audio & Network Cabling

Van Damme cables transmit audio signals free of noise, they design and build cables specifically around the customer base to ensure that the signals that are received and sent from system to system are preserved to the best quality possible. They transmit both analog as well as digital audio signals with minimum signal loss.


Audio Plug-ins

World leading signal processing technologies from industry leaders like Waves, Sonnox, McDSP and Neyrinck caters to a variety of applications from music recording & mixing to feature-film mixes in immersive audio formats of today.


Monitoring Systems

Find hidden nuances in recorded material easier and faster with super accurate monitoring systems from Barefoot Sound, USA. These monitors will make your recording and mixing processes more enjoyable and significantly faster with a microscope like precision and reduced ear fatigue when working for prolonged periods of time.


Amphion Loudspeakers’s studio monitors fit in a variety of applications, such as tracking, mixing and mastering in large commercial recording facilities to small home studios.

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